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What Is The Function Of Oil Tanks In A Hydraulic System?


Hydraulic systems are used in a wide range of industrial settings for a variety of applications. From industrial buildings and construction equipment to vehicles, hydraulic systems are an efficient and affordable way to create repetitive movements. The transport industry, commercial vehicles, and plants are the sectors that commonly utilise hydraulic systems.

What Size Hydraulic Tank Do I Need?


Choosing the right-sized hydraulic tank is essential for all commercial vehicle applications. As a general rule, hydraulic tanks should be around 2.5 x the pump(s) flow, however, the correct sizing varies depending on the intended usage of the system; as well as whether the system uses an open or closed circuit.

PCM increase range and stock of hydraulic oil tanks for 2022


To enhance service levels for our customers and in order to provide immediate response to enquiries, we have significantly increased stock levels and added new models to our hydraulic tank range. New models include steel underbody oil tanks available in sizes 50lt, 67lt and 100lt options


Quick Change Hooks


  • Safety Latches for the Attachment of Chains and Slings
  • Fully Certified and CE Marked Kit
  • Load Tested
  • Hooks can easily retrofitted and can be easily removed
  • Available ex stock for delivery