Introducing The Brand New Ritespec Towlift 3000

Published on 29 April 2023

Brand New Ritespec Towlift 3000

PCM Handling is proud to introduce the Ritespec Towlift 3000 to our popular Ritespec product range. We have been running a product development programme since late 2020 in order to produce a 3.5 tonne trailer with the addition of a small crane. This development will act as a valuable system for many types of business for application in a wide range of industrial, construction and transport environments. 

The Key Ritespec Towlift 3000 Specifications

The innovative Ritespec Towlift 3000 features an industry-leading design that enables users to safely and simply load and unload a wide variety of goods, products and equipment. The key specs are as followed: 

Safe Loading and Unloading

Safety is always fundamental to anything we develop and the Ritespec Towlift 3000 is no exception. Much development work has gone into the safety system and we are confident that it now represents the most comprehensive trailer system available. 

The Ritespec 3000 has all the equipment which is required on a large lorry loader crane incorporated in its safety system. The Ritespec Towlift monitoring safety system gives the operator information about the status of the stabilisers (whether properly stowed or properly down), controls the slew limiting solenoids and indicates if a slew limit is reached, provides switched power to the crane and indicates if is it on and/or unstowed. The monitor also controls marker lights on the ends of the stabilisers. The crane itself includes an overload protection system.

During the design process, a key challenge was ensuring the Ritespec Towlift 3000 complied with all the current safety legislation for lifting equipment. There were also some additional requirements that we had to adhere to as advised by ALLMI, specifically for lorry loader cranes and concerning operator warning systems, site safety and stability. 

An Introduction to Ritespec

Ritespec are manufacturers of premium quality construction attachments for the UK market including PCM Handling. Their products are renowned for their exceptional build quality which promises impressive longevity and reliability. Ritespec uses a national network of authorised service and distribution partners and offers nationwide local support to their customers. 

Available Now – Contact PCM Handling 

The Ritespec Towlift 3000 is available now! This multi-purpose utility equipment may be used in a wide range of different industries and has been specifically designed with safe, simple loading and unloading in mind. Contact PCM Handling today for more information on this product, or any of our other high-quality construction attachments. 

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