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Ritespec Towlift Crane Trailer

The Ritespec Towlift 3000 is a 3 tonne metre hydraulic crane mounted on a 3500KG gross close-coupled four wheel Hiab trailer.

A flatbed trailer with crane is a multi-purpose piece of equipment suited for Plant Hire Fleets, Utilities / Highways, Railways and Facilities Management. Other applications for small trailer mounted cranes include Agricultural, Timber / Logging, Commercial and Private use.


The Hydraulic Crane Trailer Benefits

  • The hydraulic crane trailer equipment has a useful load capacity at a useful radius, 1 ton @ 3 metres.
  • The nose/drawbar weight is within the regulations in both laden and unladen conditions.
  • This Ritespec crane trailer has a slew rotation to enable full coverage of the lifting zone and trailer bed, so the trailer can be easily loaded from either side and the crane has a 420 degrees of rotation stop to stop.

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    The Ritespec Hydraulic Crane Trailer Includes…

    The Ritespec Towlift crane trailer is supplied with a full declaration of conformity and is UKCA marked.

    A comprehensive operator manual is supplied and will be retained with the crane trailer so that operator can refer to this.

    Full familiarisation training will be provided at handover of the hydraulic trailer crane and the operator will be taken through the product in detail and run through all the safety features.

    We will also provide a copy of Towing Guidance and the Law for each crane trailer customer.

    We can also provide optional extras for the hydraulic crane trailer such as Work Lights / Beacons / Fold Down Sides, Hooks and Slings as well as other bespoke options.

    Ritespec Towlift 3000

    Ritespec Towlift 3000

    The Development Process of RITESPEC’s Small Trailer Mounted Cranes

    PCM introduced the Ritespec Towlift 3000 crane trailer in March 2023 to enhance the current Ritespec product range, as we have long considered that a 3.5 tonne flatbed trailer with crane would be of use to many businesses and applications.

    We have been running a product development programme for the last few years in order to bring something to the market which could deliver all the benefits of a hydraulic trailer crane combination, but that would also meet all current safety and legislative requirements.

    We also wanted it to out-perform other crane trailer equipment in this class currently available in the market. We feel that we have achieved this with the Ritespec Towlift 3000.

    The equipment has had to comply with all the current safety legislation for lifting equipment, plus some additional requirements (as advised by ALLMI) specifically for lorry loader cranes.

    Ritespec Towlift 3000 small trailer mounted cranes have all the equipment normally seen on far larger lorry loader cranes incorporated into the safety / stability system.

    Much development work has gone into the safety system and we are confident that it now represents, in our opinion, the most comprehensive trailer mounted crane safety system available for this type of equipment.

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    Looking for a Hiab Trailer?

    Our newly designed trailer has a flatbed 3.5m length and 2.22m wide made of “Wizzideck” waterproof panels and runs on 155/70 R12 wheels and tyres on heavy 5 stud axles. The chassis and running gear are galvanised. The unladen weight of the trailer is 1750kgs.

    The trailer has a payload of 1750kg and the crane will lift the rated load either with the trailer attached to a towing vehicle or without a vehicle being attached. It does not require additional ballast or part loading to lift its full SWL.

    The trailer mounted crane is a single boom type with two hydraulic extensions out to the 3.55 metres from the crane centreline.

    The engine is an electric start “V” twin type of 22hp which is compliant with current emission regulations.

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