Published on 3 August 2023

A crane mounting kit is a set of equipment used to mount a crane to a vehicle or structure. The kit typically includes all of the necessary components such as crane mounting blocks (or bosses) high tensile threaded bar or bolts, specific grade nuts, and washers. However, the specific components included in a kit will vary depending on the type of crane and the mounting surface.

Correctly specified crane mounting kits are essential for ensuring the safe and secure installation of a lorry loader crane. They help to distribute the load of the crane evenly across the mounting surface and prevent the crane from unsafe movement when in use.


Crane mounting kits are designed for use in construction, transportation and manufacturing industries for the mounting of lorry loader cranes. As they are used for the installation of loader cranes onto commercial vehicles, kits are designed to apply to many different industries.

Versatility is one of the main draws of using a crane for lifting and transportation tasks. Many industries work with uneven or bulky materials and utilising a crane is an effective way to handle them safely and efficiently. They may be used for the transport of raw materials in the metal or concrete industry for example.

Other industries will benefit from the high maximum capacities on offer from cranes. Rail or shipping industries for example handle heavy components regularly, such as sleepers, ballasts, rails, engines and propellers.  

Construction – Loader cranes are used in construction to lift and move heavy materials, such as steel beams, concrete slabs, and prefabricated walls. They are also used to load and unload trucks and trailers.

Logistics – Loader cranes are used in logistics to load and unload shipping containers, as well as to move cargo around warehouses and distribution centres.

Waste management – Loader cranes are used in waste management to collect and transport waste materials, such as garbage, recyclables, and construction debris.

Oil and gas – Loader cranes are used in the oil and gas industry to load and unload drilling rigs, as well as to move equipment and materials around oilfields.

Forestry – Loader cranes are used in forestry to load and unload logs, as well as to move equipment and materials around logging operations.   


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PCM Handling stock Crane Mounting Kits for fitment of loader cranes and other equipment to commercial vehicles. Kits are made from heat treated crome-moly steel and the 1 metre bar lengths have fine rolled thread form to ensure maximum effective diameter. All crane attachments are produced in certified batches and certification is available if required.

PCM Handling produces a wide variety of transport and handling solutions and has over 30 years of experience within the industry. All products promise impressive build quality and affordability to give practical, accessible equipment suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial industries. 

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