Why You Should Buy An Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Tank From PCM

Published on 4 January 2023

Choosing An Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Tank                                     

Hydraulic oil & fuel tanks come in all shapes and sizes, depending on what their purpose is. Essentially, they are used to contain hydraulic fluid, typically oil, so it can be easily stored and transported.

At PCM Transport and Handling, we have been supplying this type of commercial vehicle and more for over 30 years. Our family-run business provides dependable products and services to an ever-growing list of loyal customers. We offer the highest quality of products at the best possible price point – something we can all get behind!

Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Tanks To Consider                              

An aluminium hydraulic oil tank is an ideal choice for many purposes. These tanks are made from lightweight yet durable materials that can withstand the rigours of transportation and storage conditions. Aluminium is also a corrosion-resistant material meaning it prevents rust and other damage that could otherwise occur.

At PCM, we have a wide range of aluminium hydraulic oil tanks available. Each tank is designed to meet the specific needs of our customers and provide a reliable solution for storing and transporting hydraulic fluid:           


75lt Aluminium Side Tank T20

This 75lt Aluminium Side Tank T20 is perfect for recovery vehicles, small loader cranes and car transport applications. It’s designed to be both lightweight and robust, providing a secure storage solution for hydraulic fluid. This tank is complete with sight level gauge, filler breather, return filter assy, bracket/rubbers, and straps for ease of use and durability. This aluminium hydraulic oil tank has been proven to be reliable and durable in a variety of different conditions

100lt Side Aluminium Tank

This 100lt Side Aluminium Tank is a great choice for lorry cranes, as well as other commercial and industrial transport applications. It features a heavy-duty construction that can withstand the rigours of transportation and storage conditions. The tank is designed with an integrated sight level gauge, premium EVO filter assy, filler breather, rubbers, straps and bracket. 

140lt Aluminium Side Tank – SLT Style

The 140lt Aluminium Side Tank SLT is specifically used for easy and quick installation for a variety of vehicle applications, in particular for grab loader and forestry cranes.  This side tank has a modern and unmistakable design, built with high quality and durability in mind. Its trapezoidal shape characterises it and this profile , together with the technical features and specific positioning of components, optimises application use and reduces time for maintenance. . The tank is also equipped with straps and brackets, filler breather and return filter assy.

Contact PCM Today!                                                              

At PCM, we understand the importance of finding reliable and durable solutions for transporting and storing hydraulic fluid. Our range of aluminium hydraulic oil tanks provide customers with the secure storage solution they need at an affordable price point. If you’re looking for a dependable product to meet your needs, contact our knowledgeable team today

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