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Italian manufacturers Padoan are recognised as specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of hydraulic, diesel and combined tanks for commercial vehicles, plant and construction machinery.

Since 1937, Padoan has worked with a vision to provide the most innovative tank products on the market. The strengths of Padon Hydraulic Tanks reflect the value shared by the Company and staff throughout the organisation. These strengths are:

  • Product Range
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Quality and Certification
  • Research and Development

It is the Padoan company’s mission statement to be a leader in hydraulic tank manufacturing and they have partnered with PCM Handling which is able to support their products throughout the UK effectively.

PCM now stock a comprehensive range of Padoan hydraulic tanks and has direct factory access to allow fast response to customer enquiries.

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The Design of Padoan Hydraulic Tanks

The design of the Padoan Hydraulic Tanks is considered an added value for the product and demonstrates the Italian attention to quality and detail.

The high-quality construction and finish of the tanks is directly linked to the premium quality materials and processes used in the production.
The tank sidewalls are integral to the product and are meticulously designed by Padoan

Product Traceability

Each Padoan hydraulic tank has a unique serial number which represents the individual “identity” of each hydraulic tank.

This label allows full traceability through the production chain and into the market. Additionally, this innovative solution assists communication between the customer and Padoan’s factory support for any after-sales requirements or support.

Raw material

Padoan hydraulic tank quality begins with premium raw materials supplied by quality partners.

Padoan tanks use aluminium, painted steel and stainless steel, ensuring a quality structure ever time. The high quality of these materials guarantees resistance and longer product life.

Welding and Bending Processes

The Padoan Hydraulic Tank welding process has been carried out by automatised robots, by adopting the MIG/MAG technology. This technique means an optimal internal cleaning programme and eliminates contamination often caused by manual or standard welding.

The bending process of the Padoan Hydraulic tank is done with semi-automatic machinery designed by the research and development team at Padoan.

Leak Testing

Each Padoan tank is tested through automated machinery to check for any loss.

The factory technology allows for rigorous testing that guarantees the resistance and quality of the Padoan Hydraulic Tanks.

Every Padoan hydraulic tank is then provided with a ʺQCʺ label to indicate it has been tested and approved.

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Padoan Hydraulic Tank Mounting Kit

Painting Padoan Hydraulic Tanks

Painted Padoan steel tanks are finished with an epoxy powder coating to guarantee protection whilst working in aggressive environments.

All Padoan Hydraulic tank components are tested to verify the life expectancy and quality of the products, including brackets and straps.

PADOAN Combination Tanks

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Internal and External Cleaning

When requested an innovative working station is available for the internal flushing of aluminium and stainless-steel Padoan Hydraulic Tanks. The optional step demonstrates another step towards the commitment to a thorough cleaning process.

Padoan uses model ISO 16232 for this cleaning process.

Padoan takes great care of the finishing of each Padoan Hydraulic Tank to order to prepare it for installation and use by customers. Before the packaging, each Padoan Hydraulic Tank is processed cleaning externally to provide a premium quality finish.

Padoan Combination Tanks

If you would like to find out some more information please look to download the brochures below.



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Padoan Hydraulic Tank

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