Benefits Of Investing In A Ritespec Clamshell Bucket

Published on 23 August 2022

Clamshell buckets are useful and versatile construction site attachments that can be used to pick up and move materials. They are common on construction sites or in agricultural environments and you’ve probably seen one in use at some point. In this blog, we’re going to focus on everything to do with clamshell buckets to give you all the information you need before buying.  


Let’s first cover what they are so you know exactly what you’re reading about. A clamshell bucket is a type of construction equipment that is used to lift and move materials in a construction site or agricultural environment. 

They get their name from their clam-like shape and feature two sides joined by one centre hinge. This enables it to open and close like a clam shell using hydraulic cylinders. They can be used as an attachment for construction machines such as lorry loader cranes, backhoe loaders, excavators and more, and they are best suited to moving materials such as sand, earth and gravel. Whether you need a light or heavy-duty clamshell bucket, there is one to suit your needs. 

Ritespec Clamshell Bucket From PCM


Clamshell buckets are great investments for construction and agricultural companies and pose a number of different advantages to their users. They are capable of transporting large amounts of material thanks to their unique clamping design. Whereas a regular bucket relies on simply being pushed into the material, a clamshell bucket forcefully pushes itself into the material and is able to scoop up larger amounts. 

They are also far more efficient at moving all of the material – even towards the end of the pile. A normal bucket would struggle to neatly scoop the final amounts of material at the end of a job, but a clamshell bucket is able to efficiently clear more material.

Since clamshell buckets can be used on the end of a lorry loader crane, they are very useful for moving materials into the truck without the need for excess equipment. This helps to save you money as it removes the need for purchasing or hiring further equipment to carry out work. 

PCM Ritespec – 500 Clamshell Bucket

The Ritespec 500 Bucket is a premium quality attachment that is best suited to lorry loader cranes. The Ritespec 500 is perfect for the re-handling of excavated materials and aggregate and can come with a number of different add-ons to make it more suitable for your needs. It has a maximum capacity of 500 Litres and a maximum load capacity of 2500kg, making it perfect for heavy-duty purposes.   

PCM Ritespec – BO Bucket Range

A standard light-duty bucket for various material handling requirements. It has a total of 10 maximum capacities, ranging from 100 to 400 Litres.

PCM Ritespec – BOA Bucket Range

The PCM Ritespec BOA Bucket Range is a standard/light-duty bucket that is perfect for operation in open spaces due to its removable sides. It comes in 9 maximum capacities ranging from 100 – 400 Litres. 

Ritespec Clamshell Bucket

Top tips for choosing the best clamshell bucket for the job

When buying your first clamshell bucket or upgrading your old kit there should be a few things to bear in mind. The first thing is to assess what kind of soil type you want your clamshell bucket to be used on. For softer agricultural materials such as compost or earth, a light-duty clamshell bucket would be used, but a heavy-duty clamshell bucket would be used for heavier materials such as gravel and clay. These heavier-duty buckets are manufactured from abrasion-resistant materials.

Accessories are a great way to tailor your clamshell bucket to your specific needs and requirements. Our own PCM 500 Clamshell Bucket comes with additional bottom-cutting edges, side-cutting edges and quick change hooks to ensure that you get the handling solution that’s best suited to you.   

You should also consider the classification of your clamshell bucket as this will determine what it can be used for. Most buckets will have either one or two cylinders which will determine their size and suitability for different jobs. Two-cylinder buckets will be more suited to heavy-duty tasks whilst one-cylinder buckets are used for  Standard duty operations.


Now we’ve covered what a clamshell bucket is and how they can be used, you might be ready to purchase one of your own. PCM Transport and Handling have over 20 years of experience with producing the Ritespec Clamshell Bucket together with Tizmar SNC and have been able to produce a product that meets the unique demands of the UK market. 

To find out more about purchasing one of our Ritespec Buckets or if you have any queries which bucket is right for you, visit our contact page or call us on +44 1327 842808

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