5 Reasons You Should Purchase from PCM Handling

Published on 26 April 2022

PCM Handling is one of many suppliers of commercial vehicle hydraulic equipment in the UK. If your business requires the likes of crane attachments, aluminium hydraulic oil tanks, brick grapples, or grab buckets, we, alongside many other businesses, can help you.

With so many other businesses out there offering the same thing as us, you might be wondering why you should choose PCM Handling. After all, with such big investments at stake, you need to make sure the supplier you’re buying from is reliable and reputable.

Keep reading as we explain who we are and why you can trust us to fulfil your commercial transport hydraulic equipment needs.

Who Are PCM Handling & What Do They Supply?

PCM Handling was founded over 30 years ago under the name PCM (Long Buckby) Ltd. We saw a gap in the market to provide commercial vehicle hydraulic equipment and a number of services and products related to it, and that’s what we’ve been doing ever since.

Throughout the years, we’ve grown our business and our offering. We now supply a wide range of equipment and professional services to OEM businesses and fleet operators and service providers. Whatever you need within the transport hydraulic equipment industry, there’s a high chance we’ll be able to source it for you.

Two of our bestselling products are the Ritespec Clamshell Buckets and hydraulic oil tanks. Our hydraulic oil tanks range in size from 30-300 litres, with steel and aluminium finishes available. We also offer a full bespoke tank fabrication service.

On top of this, we also supply hose reels, squires quick couplers, oil coolers and more.


Trusting PCM Handing for Transport & Handling Equipment

Now you know a bit about who we are and what we do, here are five of the reasons you should use PCM Handling.

1. Over 30 years’ of experience

First and foremost, we have more than 30 years of experience in the field, with our staff having a combined professional experience well over that. Our years of experience mean we have unparalleled industry knowledge, with our expertise being second to none. This allows us to provide expert help to our customers, something which is essential when choosing the most suitable solution and the safest option.

Not only do we have well-established supplier connections and relationships, but we also have one of the largest selections of products and services on the market. We’ve built up our range steadily over the years, resulting in a refined yet expansive variety of products to suit . the needs of the plant and transport industry.

We know that buying from a company isn’t just about the product itself – customer service plays a vital role. Over the last three decades, we’ve worked extensively to ensure our customer service is unbeatable. We pride ourselves on our friendly and knowledgeable approach, as well as our streamlined service which has undergone years of refinement.

When you buy from PCM Handling, you can rest assured that our experience will allow us to serve you right the first time.

2. Comprehensive Range of Commercial Vehicle Hydraulic Equipment

As mentioned, we’ve worked continually through the years to develop a comprehensive product range. We are leading manufacturers, stockists and suppliers of the Ritespec Clamshell Buckets and hydraulic oil tanks, but we also provide a number of other products to service almost every need.

From crane attachments and mounting kits to oil coolers and suction and pressure side components, we aim to be your go-to supplier. If you’re unsure, we also have a number of information sheets and diagrams and drawings online that you can use as a resource.

In the event you’re unsure what it is you require, you can always contact us and one of our experts will advise you.

3. Quality First purchasing policy

At PCM Handling, we don’t just buy the cheapest supplier option and sell it for a high profit. We are committed to ensuring our customers get the very best products at the most competitive price. We aim to provide value to our customers. 

Our global purchasing policy and 30+ years’ of experience mean we have direct factory support from most manufacturers and achieve some of the best prices on the market (allowing us to pass the savings on to you).

In addition to this, we also carry out our own product testing. This enables us to test the products on behalf of our customers so we can ensure we’re not selling cheap, poorly made products that won’t serve their purpose.

At PCM Handling, safety and quality come above everything else, and that’s why we’re proud of our Quality First purchasing policy.

4. Complete After-Sales and Technical Backup

As mentioned previously, customer service is a big part of our ethos. Many businesses fail to support their customers after a sale has taken place, but at PCM Handling, we’re committed to ensuring our customers receive full support and backup, even after the sale has gone through.

5. Competitive Pricing Across the Board

Finally, PCM Handling is proud to offer some of the most competitive pricing across the board. Less established companies don’t have the manufacturer connections that we have, meaning they don’t get the same level of pricing.

Due to our extensive experience in the industry and our commitment to finding the very best for our customers, we’re able to secure some of the best pricing on our goods. Instead of retaining an excessively high markup, we pass the savings on to our customers.

Paired with our Quality First policy, you can be sure that you’ll get the very best products as the very best prices when you shop at PCM Handling.

Why You Should Trust PCM Handling

In short, PCM Handling is one of the most experienced and reputable suppliers of commercial vehicle hydraulic equipment and services related to the industry. We are leading providers of hydraulic oil tanks and Ritespec Clamshell Buckets, among a wide range of other products suitable for cranes and commercial automotive equipment.

If you would like to learn more about us and what we do, or if you have any questions about the products we sell, please contact us or call us directly on 01327 842 808

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