5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Tanks

Published on 30 September 2022

Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Tanks  

When buying a new hydraulic oil tank for your hydraulic system, one of the first choices you will make is the material. Aluminium hydraulic oil tanks are one of the most popular and offer a range of different benefits to their users. Their uses are varied depending on their size, and they are integral pieces of equipment for bulk tipping, large loader crane operation, recovery vehicles and much more. 

PCM Handling manufactures a wide range of aluminium hydraulic tanks for a range of applications. Our tanks are durable, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them a great option for when a high-quality oil tank for your hydraulic system is required.   

Why Should I Invest In An Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Tank?   

Purchasing a hydraulic oil tank for the first time can be confusing, especially with a choice of materials on offer. Both steel and aluminium hold their own benefits, but here we’re going to look at aluminium specifically.  

Lighter Material

Where a steel hydraulic oil tank can be heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, an aluminium tank offers a far lighter option. Having a lighter oil tank not only makes it easier to transport and install, but it also means your vehicle’s weight is kept lower – an incredibly important factor in the commercial vehicle and transport sector.  

More Durable Than Plastic

Aluminium hydraulic oil tanks are stronger and more durable than plastic tanks, making them a good choice for everyday applications. 

Strong and Durable

Aluminium has long been known for its strong, durable build. For a hydraulic oil tank, this is hugely important as they need to be able to withstand rough usage and constant transportation.

Excellent Resistance to Rust and Corrosion 

One of aluminium’s most desirable characteristics is its high rust and corrosion resistance. The life of an oil tank will involve working in tough environments, so it’s crucial that your oil tank is suitably protected. If it isn’t, more money will have to be spent on replacements. 

Fast Transfer of Heat

Aluminium is better at transferring heat, meaning your hydraulic fuel will cool down faster when it is being stored.

Best Selling Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Tanks

125lt Aluminium Side Tank

The 125 Aluminium Side Tank is an oil tank that sits at the side of your vehicle. This product offers incredible weight saving, whilst remaining tough and durable to deal with tough usage.   

200lt Aluminium Tank  – Premium Line

The 200lt Aluminium Tank is part of our premium line and offers impressive durability and space saving for your vehicle. This product is suitable for bulk tipping and large loader crane operation.

200lt Aluminium Rear Tank

The 200lt Aluminium oil tank is a rear-mounted hydraulic oil tank that comes with a return filter assy as standard, as well as a sight gauge, filler breather and straps.  

Choosing The Best Aluminium Hydraulic Oil Tank For The Job

Once you have decided on an aluminium hydraulic oil tank, it’s time to choose the suitable model for you. Choosing the right aluminium hydraulic tank is no different than choosing any other kind of hydraulic oil tank. As ever, there are some key considerations to make to ensure you get the right product for your needs and requirements. PCM Handling is here to help should you require any further assistance in choosing an aluminium hydraulic oil tank. 

The first consideration to make is the size and overall capacity of your hydraulic oil tank. Once your machinery shuts down, the hydraulic fluid will be drained into the tank and stored. It is therefore necessary to have something that can safely store the amount of hydraulic fluid. You should also consider whether you require a side-mounted or rear-mounted hydraulic tank.    

For heat to properly dissipate from aluminium hydraulic oil tanks, you should aim to have a reservoir that is 10% greater in capacity than your minimum requirement. As well as this, your aluminium tank should be roughly 3 times the rated output of your system. For example, this means that a 30ltr tank should be used for a system with a 10ltr per minute output.

Lastly, to help keep your tank up and running for longer, it is recommended that you invest in an inline or internal filter. This will filter out any contaminants in your oil which will ensure that your system doesn’t get bogged down.

Why Choose PCM Handling?

PCM Handling has over 30 years of experience in supplying hydraulic oil tanks to the transport industry. We understand that finding the right hydraulic tank can be confusing, but you can use our expertise to select the right system for you. Browse our full range of hydraulic oil tanks today.  

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